At Car Care we are always looking at new and innovative ways of showing the
public the kind of detailing we can achieve. With this particular idea we
wanted to show that with the polishing systems we have in place the results
can be spectacular.

You can see by the photos the paintwork had deteriorated almost to the point
of no return (some people would have thought) the damage to the paint is
called oxidisation and tends to turn the paintwork “chalky” and makes it
very dull.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best results in the
business; the polishing equipment we use is the best money can buy with all
our detailers being fully trained in all aspects to be able to deliver the
same results as can be seen on the accompanying photos.

In this particular case we used a 3 part polishing process to deliver the
great shine and depth. First of all the paint was “cut back” or “compounded”
to remove the damaged paint. Secondly a fine less abrasive polish was used
to remove the fine scratches that “cutting back” or “compounding” will
sometimes leave in the paintwork. Finally a finishing polish was used to
give great depth and shine to the final outcome.

All the polishes used by Car Care franchisees are of high quality and have
been tested by Car Care before being used out in the field. This gives our
customers peace of mind that not only are they getting a fully trained
technician working on their car, all the products and methods used have been
tried and tested. So if your car is in need of any aspect of detailing Car
Care can deliver the sort of results you need, contact us today you won’t be