Sometimes we work hard on a car and the result is not clear to see.

That is not the case with this black Toyota Prado. Firstly the car was washed and chamois dried as it was filthy – this was a real 4 x 4!
The next stage was to cut the paintwork using a paint correction product on a medium (orange) pad. This was followed with a P40+ finishing polish on a light cutting pad (green) which was then sealed using M-seal sealant by hand. Our Gold Coast detailer Stewart says “There were a few scratches and marks when I started the job, but they came off without too much trouble. The inside of the car was pretty clean to start with so I focused mainly on the outside. Took me about 3 hours to complete. Customer was obviously very happy”.

If the picture is anything to go by you might say this job is a good a reflection of Car Care and the results that can be achieved when you use a professional detailer.