During the wet winter months, mould can be a real problem. It sneaks up on you, starting from the slightest damp spot and spreading to the rest of the car in no time. In addition to the nasty, grimy growth on your seats, windows, and doors, it comes with a dank smell that is all but impossible to disperse.

The way that mould develops can be quite distressing. It multiplies in any space that is wet, warm, and dark. So if you happen to get caught in a mild drizzle and then shelter in your car, youre done for. You might not even feel wet, but that little bit of moisture is enough to trigger mould. Youll probably get home or reach the office and close the car, heating up the interior and giving the mould fodder to expand.

Or maybe in a different scenario, you leave the window partially open to ventilate the car. A little rain might seep into the car and voila, you have a mouldy outbreak on your hands, or rather, on your wheels. Sadly even cleaning your car and shutting it before it dries completely can cause mould. And if you drive a convertible, you unused hood can gather quite a bit of mould as it lies all folded up.

Car Care Australia does an excellent job of car wash and detailing to get rid of mould. We begin with an interior detail, where we will scrub, wipe, and vacuum every inch of the car. Well get between the seats, beneath the cushions, inside the glovebox, and anywhere else dirt and mould can hide. We will also clean the carpets, seat belts, seat covers, mats, and all other internal draperies.

Once we have removed every trace of mould, well attack that damp, mouldy smell using our patented purifier. It works in a unique way, and we have successfully tested it on mildew, vomit, urine, dog smells, cigarette smoke, and musty dankness. Compared to all that, the mould is a cinch.

Our purifier floods the car with ozone, getting rid of smells as well as suffocating and snuffing out any bacteria or allergens that might be lingering in your car. Once we are done, we will dry your car completely to make sure it doesnt inadvertently harbour a new round of mould.

If you need help dealing with your mould problem, you dont have to lift a finger. Well, actually, you might need to lift one finger, just so you can dial our number. Call our hotline and well come straight to you, whether youre at home or in the office.

Our mobile car detailers drive right to your car, bringing their own water, power source, pumps, cleaning equipment, and of course, the purifier. Well leave your car clean-looking, fresh-smelling, and completely mould free. Call us today on 1300 227 227 to invoke the professional anti-mould patrol.

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