The year is ending, and you’re probably making plans for the holidays. Maybe you’re going on a road trip or stowing the car in the garage as you travel to some exotic location. If you’re looking ahead, you may be making plans to clear out your home, getting rid of clutter and making space for the new year. You should probably give your car some TLC as well.

How often do you wash your car? You might give it a good clean every weekend, or maybe you prefer to wash it during your lunch break. No matter how much you love your car, you can’t give it the kind of attention it would get from a professional. At Car Care, we offer a variety of car detailing services that will give your car showroom quality.

You could start off with a full car detail. This thoroughly cleans both the inside and outside of your car, including waxing and buffing. You don’t have to worry about bringing your car to us as we’ll come to you instead.

Our professional team of car detailers are fully equipped with their own water and power source, and they will come to wherever your car is at no extra cost. You can choose the type of service you prefer, then sit back and watch your car go from drab to fab.  We can give your car a complete makeover, from upholstery to underbody plastics.

During the year, your car has probably accumulated lots of strange smells. Even after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it, there might be some lingering whiffs that you can’t quite place. Try our patented odour removal service. Our specialised purifier will saturate your car with ozone, getting rid of the most stubborn smells.

In addition to eliminating vomit, pet scents, mouldy residue and much more, the Purifier helps battle allergies. It kills every harmful bit of bacteria, germs, and allergenic material in the car. It’s guaranteed to get rid of any and all unwanted scents in your vehicle. After a dance with our purifier, your car will have a clean, new-car smell.  This is the service that we provide to many of the Police Services around the country.

Maybe it’s just a small section of your car that has you concerned. We have a special restoration service for headlights that are dull or foggy. We also have tailored services to like paint Correction and Paint Protection.

To give your car a new look for the new year, call Car Care on 1300 227 227 and book your car detail today.

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