The second a car leaves a showroom, its value goes down. And the longer you have her, the lower her resale value. However, it’s possible to give her a make-over that will put the shine back in her eye, restoring her pristine appearance and fetching you a better price. It will only cost you $200 to $300, and we’ll do it right in your driveway, using our own water and power source. Interested? Here’s what you can expect.


Let’s start with the outside. A standard wash will soap and rinse your car at high pressure, and we do that too. We wash every bit of the car by hand, use a high-powered spray to get all the soap off, then dry the car by hand using chamois to prevent scrapes, scratches, and unsightly watermarks. After the wash, we will shine all the rubbers and plastics, giving them that glossy new appeal. Our car detailers in Perth and beyond will clean your wheels and polish your chrome bits. We don’t get into mechanics, but we’ll wash out the surface of the engine to get rid of oil stains and accumulated grime.



The inside of your car gets equally thorough attention. Each part of the car receives specialised care based on its constituent material. We will shampoo, rinse, and vacuum all you upholstery according to type. This includes mats, seat covers, roof, carpets, dashboard, boot, and the inside of the door panels. We’ll clean the windows, both inside and outside, and we’ll clear out the ashtrays and in-between the seats. If its fabric, we’ll wash out every stain, rinse, and dry. For leather, we’ll clean and condition, leaving it glossy and supple.



Once the car is spotless and moisture free, we will wax and polish the exterior to a shine. We can do this by hand or use a machine, depending on your preference. Inside the car, we’ll finish off with a round of deodorising. We use our own patented device, the Purifier. It saturates the inside of the car with ozone. This produces a better-than-new smell, attacking, neutralising, and eliminating and smelly particles, as well as allergens and bacteria. It works on pet scents, vomit, smokers’ smells, drunken binges, or even your exes’ lingering perfume.



At Car Care Australia, we offer our pre-sale detail all over Australia and in New Zealand’s North Island, thanks to our wide network of franchises. Everyone that represents our brand is fully insured, exceptionally trained, and quite friendly. They’ll come in full uniform for easy identification and will ensure your car is detailed to your satisfaction. Our franchisees get support from master franchisors based in their state, so you can be assured of superior, consistent service no matter what branch of Car Care you book. Plus, we’re environmentally conscious, so our automobile detailing complies with Aussie standards for water restriction.

To make your pre-loved car good as new for her suitors, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.

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