What are your options regarding automobile detailing? Go to a car wash, clean it at home, or hire the neighbourhood kids? These aren’t bad choices, but we can do better. We can come straight to you, wherever you are, whether you’re at home, in the office, or sight-seeing interstate. We’ll send our detailers to you, clean your car on the spot, and not even charge you extra for the distance. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Car Care.


We’re thorough

The only thing we don’t wash is engines. Everything else, we’ll clean. Carpets, upholstery, leather, fabric, rubber bushings, ashtrays, dashboards … we’ll even clean the wheels, mudguards, and the portions beneath your car. We have multiple detailing packages, so we can do a complete clean, just the inside, or just the outside, depending on what works for you.


We’re energy efficient

It takes about 200 litres of water to wash a car, and that doesn’t take into account the electricity and soap used. And when you finish, you have to rinse the yard as well. When they order our mobile car detailing service, Perth residents get the full package. Our cleaners will arrive in a van equipped with its own water tank, power source, vacuums, brushes, rags, and vehicular detergents. We’ll even bring our own wax. All we need are your car keys.


We’re specialists

Sometimes, your car needs specialised attention. Maybe the paintwork needs correcting, or a protective coat for a cross-country trip. Your headlights may be hazy, or the car might have a lingering smell from that trip to the paediatrician or the vet. Maybe you finally quit smoking, and you don’t want your car driving you to relapse. Car Care offers speciality services like odour removal, headlight restoration, and anti-acid paint coating. We even have a pre-sale detail that can get a better price for your vehicle, cleaning it from top to bottom and making it look like a brand new set of wheels. Once we’re done, you just might change your mind about selling it!


We’re local

There are several aspects to this. We’re a fully Australian company, run and owned by locals. Beyond that, our regional branches operate on a franchise basis. So when you order a detailer from Geelong, you’re sure you’re dealing with one of your own, but with the added benefit of nationwide access, training, and expertise. So you’re receiving professional service and building your neighbourhood economy too.


We’re available everywhere

The beauty of a mobile car wash service is we’re available wherever there’s a road. Our detailers routinely drive all over Australia and New Zealand, from Palmerston to Toowoomba. Use our ‘find a detailer’ option to identify the detailer that’s closest to you. They’ll gladly come over.

To book professional car detailing right in your driveway, call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227.