Whether you’ve bought your car new or used, unlike many other assets, its value decreases. Follow these tips to optimise your car’s resale value. You’ll thank yourself for doing so when it comes to upgrading or trading in your vehicle for some new wheels.



Prospective buyers want to feel assured that the car has been well maintained, which means being up to date with servicing. Your vehicle will likely have come with a manual in which the manufacturer will specify the recommended servicing intervals. Usually, this is every 6 months, or 10,000km, whichever occurs first. Ensure that services are performed by a reputable mechanic and keep your vehicle’s service logbook up to date. When it comes time to sell your car, you will be able to present an up to date logbook and service history.


Car Maintenance

Take care to maintain your car as best as you can. We always recommend parking your car undercover whenever possible. This protects it from hail damage, debris and the sun, which can cause the exterior and the interior to deteriorate. Your paintwork and exterior will stay looking better for longer, minimising dents, rust, water marks, fading and more.


Wash your car regularly and clean up any spills, stains or marks immediately to avoid permanent damage. While keeping your car tidy is best done by you, we highly recommend treating yourself and your vehicle to a regular professional detail. The job is always more thorough, and they will properly spot-clean any trouble areas with the appropriate skills and materials. If you’re short on time or want to optimise convenience, opt for a mobile car cleaning service.


It’s also important to fix any minor damage as you go. Minor scrapes, dents and marks can be a big deterrent when it comes to reselling your car, so stay on top of the job and repair as the need arises. Car detailing services are usually able to assist in minor repairs.


Car Detailing

Car detailing is so much more than a standard car wash. While maintenance cleans are important, we also strongly recommend periodic car detailing. This is a thorough, deep clean of your entire vehicle’s interior and exterior. Stubborn marks are removed, leather and upholstery are deep cleaned and treated, and every inch of your car is gone over. Odours are eliminated, and your car is left looking, feeling and smelling as good as new.


A professional full or pre-sale detail can add hundreds or even thousands to your re-sale price.  You would not expect to view a dirty car in a dealers showroom so why would you not show your car in its best condition? Unless you present your car at its best, you will never achieve the best resale price for it.


Consider adding Modifications

Technology moves at a fast pace, and as a result, vehicles fast become outdated. Consider adding modifications such as Bluetooth, touch screen navigation and entertainment systems. While buyers often find factory settings appealing, these added mod-cons will be an asset at resale time and help you recoup the cost of installation.


Car Care is a mobile car servicing provider that is here to help you get your vehicle ready for sale and optimise the resale price. Get in touch with our friendly staff and ask for about our Pre-Sale Detail.

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