Ride-sharing ratings seriously matter: a low rating can be very hard to correct, so it’s important to keep your ratings consistently high. We offer tips to keep your ride-sharing rating glowing and your ride-share jobs flowing!


Why do ratings matter?

Drivers who experience ride-sharing ratings drop risk the potential of being passed over for potential jobs. Even worse, if a driver’s rating remains low for an extended period, they may be removed altogether from the ride-sharing platform. For Uber, a rating of 4.6 or less could result in removal. On the flip side, consistently high ratings mean the likelihood of more work, better jobs, larger tips and reward benefits.


How do I improve my ride-sharing rating?

The good news is that there are a number of ways to improve and maintain your rating.


1 Good and safe driving matters

Always drive in accordance with the road rules. Drive at or below the speed limit, accelerate and brake smoothly, and respect other vehicles and pedestrians. Your passenger should feel comfortable and safe in your car.

2 Clean is key

It’s imperative that your vehicle is clean and well presented. It’s an immediate turn off to enter a car that feels dirty, unhygienic, cluttered or has a strong and overpowering odour. With so many passengers entering your vehicle every day, staying on top of your car’s cleanliness can be challenging, so we strongly recommend regular professional cleans.


  • Dispose of rubbish. Keeping a discrete and tidy waste bin in your vehicle will help your passengers – and you – keep your car trash-free.
  • Periodically open windows to let fresh air circulate throughout the car and help eliminate any stale air or lingering odours from previous passengers.
  • Make your car a food-free zone. Not only will this assist in reducing rubbish, spills and stains, but it will also help keep your car smelling fresh.
  • Have your car professionally cleaned regularly. An internal shampoo, vacuum, and wipe down, as well as an external clean and polish, will leave your car feeling fresh and well maintained.
  • Have your car professionally detailed twice a year. There’s nothing like a professional detail to help maintain your car’s condition and ensure that it is always presented at its very best. It’s as close as you will get to a new vehicle.


3 Elevate the rider experience

Use our five-senses checklist to help consider ways of elevating the rider experience.


  • Smell: Essential oils such as peppermint, lemon myrtle or eucalyptus offer a clean, light and pleasant experience.
  • Taste: Consider having bottled water, individually wrapped chocolate, candy or mints on hand.
  • Feel: Offer temperature adjustments to meet your passengers’ preferences.
  • Sight: A sincere smile and greeting go a long way. Whether your passenger prefers some friendly conversation or a quiet ride, ensure that you look and act professionally.
  • Hear: Play pleasant music at a moderate volume. Even better, why not offer your passengers their choice of music on Spotify or listen to their favourite radio station.


There are simple ways to increase and maintain your ride-share rating. With the help of professional car detailing services, you are on your way to a solid 5 stars rating. Call Car Care today to book your appointment – our mobile detailing service comes to you, so you can have your car cleaned from the comfort of your home.

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