Everybody loves a clean car, but the process of getting it spotless used to be time-consuming. Yes, you might enjoy the excuse to play with water on a hot afternoon, but for the most part, car wash and detailing is a necessary chore. Car Care offers mobile car wash services that are professional and affordable. Our prices start as low as $60, and we do a thorough job while abiding by Aussie water restrictions and environmental standards. Our trusty franchises reach all across Australia and parts of New Zealand, so you can find us anywhere – or more to the point – we can reach you wherever you need us. That’s our first advantage.

Unfettered access offered

Ordinarily, you have to drive your car to the washing station, which is additional work for you. Not so with Car Care. We’ll drive to you instead. And you don’t even have to be at home. You could be on walkabout, at the beach, or on a ferry. As long as there’s something to drive on, we’ll come to you. We’re willing to wash your car anywhere, even in the music festival car park. You might think we’re fussy about cleaning locations, that we need proximity to taps or electric outlets but …

Utilities provided

We bring our own electricity and water. Our cleaning vans are equipped with water tanks and turbines, so we won’t impinge on your utility supply. It also means we can detail your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, literally. Apart from utilities, we also have our own cleaning tools – high-pressure hoses, brushes, vacuums, chamois, and speciality soaps that won’t ruin your paintwork or abrade your car’s body. We’ll detail the vehicle both inside and outside, including a surface engine rinse and underbody washing.

Unpleasant odours destroyed

Have you seen the episode of Mythbusters where they call a professional crime scene cleaner? He advises them on getting rid of the smell from weeks-old pig carcasses. Those guys have nothing on us. Our patented Purifier uses ozone to get rid of particulate scent, germs, allergens, and bacteria leaving your car hygienic and fresh-smelling. We’ve tested our odour-removal technique on baby smells, vomit, urine, tobacco, nicotine, and lots of other unpleasant scents. The Purifier wins every time.

Ugly stains removed

Our cleaning process runs the gamut from spot cleaning to hygiene overhauls. Inside the car, we will shampoo, rinse, and vacuum carpets, door panels, and roofing materials. We clean according to type, whether it’s leather or fabric. Outside, we wash and gloss your rubber and plastics, from chrome wheel caps to soiled mudguards. We can also defog dim headlights and shine aged windscreens. After detailing, we can apply a layer of polish, or paint protector that keeps your paint job safe from road lime, acid rain, and bird droppings.

Upscale pricing assured

No, this doesn’t mean you have to worry about the bill. It does mean when you’re ready to sell your car, we can help you fetch a better price. Our pre-sale package turns your faithful steed into a set of wheels worthy of any showroom. Give us a call and we’ll make your car look better than new. For convenient mobile detailing packages, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.