If your car’s paintwork is starting to look dull or damaged, it may be time to consider investing in a paint correction service. Unlike a paint touch-up, paint correction (also called cutting and polishing) removes imperfections rather than just covering them up.

In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of paint correction and explain how the service works. We’ll also let you know how to get in touch with Car Care to schedule your paint correction appointment today.


Benefits of paint correction

Perhaps your car has been scratched, received water damage, or contaminated by chemicals. In any case, this type of damage can detract from your car’s appearance and ultimately lower its value in the minds of prospective buyers.

Fortunately, paint correction can improve the look and resale value of your car, ultimately helping you get a higher price when you decide to sell it. If you’re looking to get the most money possible, then paint correction is certainly an investment worth making.

Plus, paint correction doesn’t have to take time out of your day. With a mobile auto detailing service like Car Care, we’ll come to you with everything we need to cut and polish your paintwork. We’ll meet you at a convenient time and location for you, letting you get on with your life without interruption.


How paint correction works

At Car Care, we use a proven paint correction process to bring your paint job back to life. First, we hand wash your car to remove dirt and identify the problem. Then we’ll get to restoring your paintwork, using a clay bar to eliminate contaminants and create a smooth surface.

Once we’ve finished with the clay bar, we’ll bring out the polishing machine to begin several stages of polishing. Our experienced detailers work carefully to avoid over-polishing, using the appropriate polishes and pads to fix the problems.

Sometimes, we will find extremely deep scratches that can’t be removed without taking off too much paint or the clear coat. If that happens, we’ll use special tools to minimise those imperfections and make them less visible.

In the final steps in the process, our team will wash your car again and apply a protective product to bring out the shine and colour of the paint.

Since paint correction is done by hand and requires a great deal of expertise, it will likely be the most time-consuming part of your detailing appointment. That’s why many car owners prefer mobile detailing — they can go about their day as they usually would, rather than waiting around for their vehicle at a detailing shop.

Established in 1987, Car Care is Australia’s largest mobile car detailing service and is the preferred provider for many motor manufacturers before big events. We have local car detailers in every state and territory, providing customised services that include paint correction, interior detailing, full detailing, pre-sale detailing, and bacteria and odour removal.

Visit the Car Care website to find your nearest detailer or book an appointment today. If you have questions or would rather book over the phone, you can call us on 1300 227 227.


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