To a lot of people, their vision of a hand car wash is waiting in long queues at car washes to get their vehicle cleaned.  There is an alternative. You can get it done anywhere – at your garage, on your driveway, at the office parking lot, or even in the middle of a field, thanks to mobile car detailing.

Mobile car detailing is a process that aims to maintain a vehicle’s best condition by thorough cleaning, repairing damaged parts, and polishing its finish.  It takes a longer time than a Service Station drive through, which tend to focus on improving your automobile’s superficial appearance.


Here are the top benefits of mobile auto detailing.


It Saves Time

Nothing is as convenient as having car detailing professionals come to where you are. For instance, if you call them to your home, you get to spend more time with your family – time you would have otherwise used to drive to and from the detailing shop. Moreover, you dictate the schedule, as you don’t have to line up in long queues.



Mobile car detailing services are often less expensive than fixed site detailing services. This is because your mobile detailer has no large overheads and provides you with fixed price before starting the job.


Customized Services

Most mobile auto detailing companies offer customized services.  While there are preset plans, clients can tweak them to ensure they are satisfied and get value for their money. Depending on the condition of your vehicle they can more technical services such as polishing and paint correction.


Advanced Scheduling

With standard detailing services, you have to allocate some time in your schedule and drive the car to the shop. After this, you are not sure if you will get served.

With  mobile car detailing you can book appointments in advance. You don’t have to sacrifice precious time to service your vehicle. This will enable you to focus on other things.


It is Safer

Both drive-through and DIY car washes spray water at high pressures that may damage your vehicle’s finish over time. However, mobile auto detailing is gentler on your car, ensuring that it preserves its appearance. The results of detailing also last longer than regular washing.


High-quality Services

Mobile auto detailing services produce better results than standard car washes because professionals handle the work. Most of the tasks are hands-on, meaning that the outcome is better than automated car washes.


Trusted Service Providers

Another benefit of mobile car detailing is that you work with a trusted service provider. Instead of driving to a random car wash, you have time to research and identify your needs’ best choice. Your mobile detailer is usually the owner of their business so they should better appreciate your custom and want to provide you the best service.




A mobile detailer will provide a better service to your car because they are invariably the business owner not a part time contractor or a machine.  They are also professionally trained spending their time exclusively on detailing vehicles.  It is also a better use of your time as you book the job when and where you want it rather than having to drive somewhere and wait in a queue.

Besides making your car more attractive, detailing increases its perceived value by giving it a finer look. More importantly, mobile detailing is a better solution for your car at a price that is similar to other detailing providers.

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