It’s summer in Australia, which means it’s the season for BBQs, beach days, and road trips. If you’re hitting the open road this year, there are a few essential steps you should take to make sure that your car is in great shape before, during, and after your journey. Wherever you’re going this summer, check out these tips for a safe and fun-filled trip.


Before your trip: Schedule a tune-up

Before you embark on your trip, the first thing you should do is ensure that your car is safe and capable of taking you wherever you want to go. When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere if your car breaks down. Especially if you’re travelling long distances, your vehicle needs to pass a standard safety check.


If you have a regular mechanic, book an appointment to drop off your car and verify that everything is in working order. Alternatively, if you’re hiring a car for your trip, you should confirm with the rental company that the car is current on its maintenance, has durable tyres, and doesn’t need any adjustments.


During your trip: Drive responsibly

Ready to hit the road? While you’re on your trip, it’s important to make sure you’re as safe as possible to protect yourself, your road trip crew, and other drivers. On a road trip, being a responsible driver means more than just obeying the rules of the road.


As always, you’ll want to avoid distractions behind the wheel, including alcohol and texting on your phone. But also, since you’ll be driving for hours at a time, you should be mindful of your limits. If you’re alone, take regular breaks to help yourself stay alert. If you’re road tripping with mates, take turns driving to share the responsibility with others.


After your trip: Clean your car

After you’ve arrived home safely, you’ll want to clean up all of the dirt and rubbish that has accumulated during your travels. But after a holiday, you probably won’t have the time to take your car into your local car wash or the energy to clean it yourself.


In these cases, a mobile car detailing service can be a fantastic option. When you book a mobile auto detailing appointment, car care professionals will come to you — rather than the other way around. Even better, they will bring everything they need to get your car sparkling clean, including equipment, power, and water.


Plus, with mobile car detailing, you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to drop by the car wash. Instead, the detailers will meet you where you are, whether that’s at home or work, so your life isn’t interrupted while your car is cleaned.


At Car Care, we detail more than 100,000 cars each year across Australia. With operations in each state and territory, we can meet you at a time and location that’s most convenient for you, eliminating the hassle of going to the carwash after work or on the weekend. To learn more about Car Care, call us on 1300 227 227 or book a detailing appointment on our website.


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