The term “car detailing” seems to be used quite a bit lately, but not always for the correct reason. Detailing doesn’t just mean cleaning a vehicle and adding some car wax, true car detailing refers to a whole lot more.

Like any other process provided by a professional to maintain your car, proper vehicle detailing needs to be performed by a detailing professional. A few of the differences a professional detailer provides for you include:



A professional detailer has a firm technical understanding of every aspect of your vehicle’s finish and the proper care for these finishes, as well as all of the aspects of the cosmetic features of your specific vehicle.



A professional detailer needs to have for their use the industry’s current state-of-the-art equipment to do the job properly and effectively.



A proper detailing job can take around eight hours to properly complete. This isn’t a typical car wash, it is a professional deep and thorough cleaning. True, professional car detailing includes thoroughly cleaning, reconditioning and protecting your vehicle’s finish and cosmetic areas.


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The actual detailing is only half the job, there is also the upkeep and aftercare that’s involved to make sure your vehicle stays looking as well as it did immediately after the detailing.


Paint Protection

Your professional car detailers will have a firm understanding of your paint type and how to clean it, polish it and seal it so that the finish remains looking showroom new for as long as possible.


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