Where you live and where you park your car determines how dirty it gets. If you are lucky enough to be able to park your car in a garage, you are relatively fortunate. Parking your car under cover certainly helps keep it cleaner, it also helps preserve the paintwork.

Depending on where you live and the roads you expose your car to will play a role in how dirty your vehicle gets. For those of you living and working in the city, if you use public transport to get to and from work, you’ll find your car stays pretty clean. If unfortunately, you find yourself stuck in weekday gridlock you are exposing your car to all the petrol fumes, exhaust fumes of other cars and trucks.

If you live and work in the country, you might have to travel along dirt or gravel roads to get from A to B, and then, there are other areas that while built up, have un-sealed roads. While you are driving on a bitumen road, you are exposing your car to dirt and dust that blows over the road from lawns, nature strips and those unsealed roadways.

Whether you live on the coast, the city, or the country you are exposing your car to the environment. Many people would agree that cars in the country get dirtier faster simply from the area and environment – lots of bush and dirt and dust, and of course those dirt and gravel roads throwing dirt and dust onto your car.

Keeping your car clean can be a battle – this is where mobile car detailers help. You can book a mini detail at your home, office or workplace at a time that is convenient for you.

A Mini detail includes:

  • An exterior pressure rinse, including the wheel arches
  • Shampoo including the wheels
  • High-pressure rinse
  • Chamois dry
  • Door jambs are wiped over
  • The interior – including the boot – is vacuumed
  • Windows are cleaned, inside and out
  • Glossing of the tyres and mudflaps
  • And, then, to leave your car smelling clean and fresh the inside is deodorised

Mobile car detailing is perfect – no matter where you live, detailers are fully insured and professionally trained to leave you with a perfectly clean car, every time. It’s not just the convenience; they bring their own power and water – they are fully mobile. If you live on a property or in a high rise, your car is clean and ready for you when YOU need it. Why not book a regular car wash and detailing service and keep your car looking cleaner and fresher all year around? From the dust in the bush to the pollution in the city, mobile car cleaning is a great way to take the hassle out of keeping your car clean.


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