Some people buy a car out of passion. It may have been their dream model since their teens, so once they have it, they never plan to let it go. Others buy cars with a more practical mindset, keeping their eye on its resale value. Whether you want to pass your car down to your kids or sell it to your neighbours, stretching its lifespan gives you more value for money.

If your car is going to be an heirloom, then you want it in top condition for as long as possible. And if you plan to flip it in a few years, the good condition gets you a better price. Fuel it regularly, not just when the tank is sputtering. Every time you fuel, take a peek at the wheels, wipers, brakes, and under the hood.

Check your fluids regularly

The average car owner regularly fuels their car, but they don’t give it any further attention When the car breaks down or makes strange noises, they call a mechanic. Unfortunately, the damage is done by then. You can avoid little problems by keeping your car hydrated. Regularly check and refill the oil, transmission, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering.

There’s a myth that every time you wash your car (or water your garden), it will rain. It’s less likely here in Australia since we have one rainy season a year. Still, a lot of people neglect washing their car until it’s filthy. And even then, they’ll settle for a quick trip to the car wash, or they’ll get their kids to do it for chump change.

Give her a good wash

Driving a dirty car isn’t just a matter of hygiene. Dirt and debris can scrape off your paintwork, which is one of the most expensive car repairs. You can’t just spray a can over the scratch. You’ll end up having to re-do the entire body and match the colour. Avoid the drama and expense by routinely detailing your car.

Car Care offers mobile car detailing all over Australia. Our car detailers will drive to you,¬†bringing our own water, power source, and cleaning materials. You don’t have to move a muscle or lift a finger. We’ll do everything at your convenience, and at a great price. You can select a full in-an-out detail, an exterior wash, or our patented odour-control package.

For an excellent detail that will extend the life of your car, call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227.


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