For many people their car is their pride and joy, you want to look after your vehicle, and keep it looking as good as you can, for as long as you can. This means your car needs to be cleaned on the inside and washed on the outside regularly.

Which is better for your car? Taking it to the local automatic car wash or having a mobile car detailing technician come to your home (or office) to detail the car for you inside and out?

Let’s look at your options in closer detail:

Mobile car detailing

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you can have your car washed at home, and you can choose to watch over while your car is being detailed, or, just sit back with a coffee, read a book, or play with the kids while all the hard work is being done for you. Having your car washed by hand is the most traditional way of getting your car clean, washing away dirt and grime with care, with attention given to those hard to see areas.

  • Mobile car detailing gives you a superior level of care and attention, from those hard to reach places to small problems – it is without a doubt a superior wash.
  • Your car is cleaned for you inside and out
  • While professional car cleaning is more expensive, if you want your car sparkling clean, all those little nooks and crannies cleaned, and problems taken care of professional car cleaning is the best option.
  • Professional car cleaners know how to take care of your car and only use products that won’t scratch or damage your cars paintwork.
  • Mobile car detailing also offers services you can’t get at an automated car wash – detail and polish, paint correction, odour removal, and headlight restoration.

Automated or drive-thru car washes.

These car washes do offer convenience – with your car cleaned on the outside in minutes, these machines are widely available, cheap and fast but have their own sets of pros and cons.

  • These are machines and are designed to run through a set of necessary *steps* which means some parts of your car can be overlooked/missed.
  • Automated car washes are designed to be gentle but depending on your car and paintwork – remember every car is different – you can end up with light marks on the car from the brushes being used at speed.
  • These type of car washes offer speed; you can pull in and drive out with a clean car in just a few minutes.
  • Not recommended to be used all the time/every car wash as those brushes can be damaging over time. This type of car wash is excellent for a quick clean if heading out to a special event.
  • Occasionally these washes leave watermarks on your car if not air dried adequately.
  • Any hard to remove dirt and grime can be left behind with the machine not *seeing* any problems, just running through its steps.

Only the experts can remove stains flawlessly and restore the look and feel of your car. Call and have the professionals clean your car inside and out with out having to do any of the hard work.

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