With the warm days of summer quickly approaching, it’s important to make sure that your car is in good shape to survive the season. Whether you’re taking a road trip, going to the beach, or just using your vehicle to get around town, you don’t want to risk a breakdown during the hottest time of the year.


In this article, we’ve included a quick checklist of maintenance to-do’s to keep your car running smoothly throughout summer. Before the season begins, make sure you’ve completed each of these items to stay safe on the road.


1.    Check your tyres

Keeping your tyres in good working condition is vital throughout the year, but there are additional considerations during summer. When temperatures rise, the heat causes your tyres to expand – which could lead to a blowout. Similarly, you should also make sure that your tyres are in good shape. If they’re old, thin, or cracked, you could be putting yourself in danger every time you hit the road. Book a tire rotation or replacement if necessary.


2.    Examine your spare tyre

Ideally, you’ll never need to use your spare tyre. But unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time, so it’s essential to make sure that your spare is in good shape. When examining your extra tyre, don’t forget to check the manufacture date. Spare tyres should generally last about eight years, but check your car’s manual to see what your manufacturer recommends.


3.    Purchase an emergency kit

In addition to your spare tyre, you should also have several other items on hand in case of an emergency. To stay safe in dark or dimly lit areas, make sure to have a torch, extra batteries, and a high-vis vest. To deal with basic maintenance issues, you should have jumper leads and a tool kit. And for your safety and comfort, be sure to have a first aid kit, water, and a blanket.


4.    Check fluid levels

Hot weather puts additional strain on your car, so it’s critical to check all of the fluids in your vehicle and top them up as necessary. First and foremost, make sure that you’re up-to-date on your oil change (and check the filter while you’re at it). From there, check your wiper fluid, coolant, and other fluids, making sure that they’re all at the recommended level in your operating manual. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, schedule an appointment at your auto repair shop.


5.    Schedule a detailing appointment

The final step in preparing your car for summer is organising a detailing service. Professional detailing is much more than a simple wipe down of your car’s interior and exterior. Instead, auto detailing is a comprehensive, multi-step process that involves pressure rinsing, shampooing, vacuuming, dusting, glossing, deodorising, and much more.


At Car Care, we provide mobile car detailing services so you can make sure that your vehicle is in sparkling condition for summer. As a mobile detailer, we come to you and bring everything needed for a thorough detailing service, so you don’t have to waste time waiting around at the car wash.


To learn more about Car Care or book your service, call us on 1300 227 227 or visit our website.


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