Buying presents for children is easy but buying for an adult can be a challenge. It’s hard to guess what they might want, and generally, most people pretty much already have everything.

So, buying a practical present is the best way to go. A car detailing package is ideal and something that is always useful and well received. If your loved one owns a high-end vehicle that is especially important to them, this gift is a real winner.

Mobile car detailing is even better as your recipient doesn’t even have to drop the vehicle off anywhere. Car Care professionals can come to their office or home.

The mobile detailers work their magic on the interior. They do a full clean till the interior of your car is left looking and smelling like brand new. Stepping into a squeaky-clean vehicle makes any commute more tolerable.

Car Care has around 100 car detailers throughout Australia, so it’s easy to find one near your recipient. Their extensive network also means you can order car detailing for someone who lives far away from you, making it much easier and more convenient than having to purchase a present and have it sent to them.


Our services are much more than just a standard car wash and tidying up. You can choose from a range of options depending on what you think your recipient might like and your price range.

If you’re on a budget, consider the Custom Detail which is a very affordable between $60-$70, depending on which area you live in

If you want to go to town, the Full Detail offers everything a car enthusiast could ever want Prices for this deluxe package range from $245 to $260 depending on which state you live in.

If you can’t decide on a package or would prefer your loved one to choose, you can buy a gift voucher for any value. This means you can buy a gift voucher that could be used for multiple car detailing services. All our car detailers are professionally trained and fully insured so your recipient will receive superior service for their car. The cost is minimal compared to the benefits gained. It takes a minute to book and frees up hours of your recipient’s time. It will truly be appreciated.

We change the way people are taking care of their cars, and the good thing is, either you or the lucky person receiving the gift can freshen up their car without taking time away from your schedules. If you would like to book an appointment for car detailing call Car Care on 1300 227 227.

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