Whether your partner lives with you or has their own place, there are lots of moments that warrant grand gestures. Maybe you’re treating them for their birthday or making up for the time you forgot (their birthday). Could be they had a rough day and need some cheering up, or you’re bribing them and gearing up (for something you want in return). It could be Valentine’s Day, or maybe you’re doing something nice just because.

The boring option is a hot date night, or flowers and chocolate, maybe even some fancy whisky. But you can score just as many points with something unconventional and unexpected, like professional car cleaning. We offer mobile detailing services all over Australia and in some parts of New Zealand, so you don’t even have to bring us the car. We’ll drive to you and have the car spotless before your partner even gets out of bed. Plus, you won’t have to foot the utility bill – we bring our own power and water.


Say it with clean wheels

We have lots of different packages, from a full interior and exterior job to specialised features like clearing foggy headlights and getting rid of nasty smells. Our Purifier is a premium deodoriser that cleanses and disinfects using ozone, so it extracts smelly particles as well as bacteria, germs, allergens, and other organic contaminants. We can even exterminate pet scents, baby odours, or nicotine nuances. We’ll leave the car smelling better than new.

We don’t do engine washes, but we can do the surface and undercarriage. We can also buff, polish, and finish with a layer or paint protector that’s good for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, depending on your regular routes and driving habits. Prices start as low as $60, so we’re sure we have a package that works for you. Incidentally, if you want to really wow them, invest in our pre-sale-clean. It’ll push the car’s asking price by several hundred dollars, and you can buy them a brand new one. That’s sure to score mega points.

For the perfect way to start your car’s day (or impress your partner with your ‘car-wash skills’), call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.