What is the difference between a full detail offered by a mobile car detailing service and a car wash at home?

While they sound pretty much the same, there is a big difference between going to a car wash for a quick clean, to having a professional mobile car detailer who has been trained in the correct ways to wash and detail your car, come to you.

When it comes to the services they offer and the results they give, they really are worlds apart. In general, a car wash offers some soap and water that washes the surface of your car just to get dust off the paint and windows. A car detailing service goes way beyond that.

A car wash gets the car looking clean, but a mobile car detailing service gets your car so clean inside and out it will look like you have just driven it off the showroom floor.

When it comes to a car wash, anyone with a bucket, hose, sponge and some soap can wash a car, but they can’t detail it, because detailing is a skill, it requires knowledge, attention to detail and specialised products. There is no *one size fits all* option when it comes to car detailing. A lot has to be taken into consideration, including the age of the car, when it was last cleaned, the type of dirt that needs to be removed. Only experienced detailers can clean a car, the way it should be.

Your vehicle is your second biggest investment next to your home, and you shouldn’t trust your car to just anyone. Detailers are passionate about what they do, they will treat your car with care and safety, just as though it was their own. Every car is different, and the cleaning products used, and the method used to clean your car is tailor made. With a car wash, those brushes are full of dirt and grime from the last car, imagine someone’s dirt or sand being scrapped all over your car! Once the damage is done, there isn’t much you can do about it.

It’s different when you choose a mobile car washing service, they use the best tools and products and they care. You are guaranteed of a superior clean, and you don’t have to worry about someone else’s car dirt and grime, being rubbed all over your car.

Overall a car wash at home is great if you just want to freshen up the outside of your car quickly, however if you want to retain the value of your car, be proud to be seen driving it around, and want a cleaner, fresher car, there is nothing like a professional mobile car wash to get your car looking its best every time.

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