Today, there are so many car detailers out there who all seem to offer the same services, but they vary when it comes to pricing and the actual service they provide. There is a lot you need to be aware of before you book your car in with a car detailer.

  • There IS a difference between cleaning and detailing. Detailer is not just another name for cleaner. A car detailer will provide an extra service, one that isn’t performed during a regular car wash, this could include waxing, polishing or a cut and polish. Inside the car this could include conditioning leather seats or steam cleaning carpets and involves more time and attention to detail than a regular wash and vacuuming of carpets.
  • Now that you have decided you want a car detailer and not a car cleaner, you need to find the one that’s right for you. There are car cleaning services found in car parks that offer detailing as an optional extra, or there are mobile car detailing services that come to you. They spend a bit longer on your car providing a far more detailed one on one service with your car.
  • Detailing does take time as opposed to a quick wash, dry and vacuum. Ask your detailer how long they expect the service to take and be wary of what appears to be a very quick or fast service as it may indicate the work is not being done to a high standard.
  • Before choosing a car detailing service ensure the business has a good *track record*, with a lot of happy customers and that they produce high quality work at an affordable price. Check their website, look for customer reviews, testimonials or feedback, look at their gallery of work, this will give you some indication of the results you are likely to see.
  • There is a difference between price and value for money. The quality of work varies from car detailer to car detailers this can be down to the skill of the detailer, the products used, and the time spent working on your car, look for what YOU believe is the best value for your money.
  • Mobile car detailing offers you more. You can book to have your car detailed at your home, or at your place of work, which means the car is cleaned for you, while you’re not using or won’t be using it. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the car to be finished, or spend time wandering the shops. Mobile car detailers have less overheads and this means they can offer a service that is more competitively priced.
  • If you have ever wondered why one service can be a lot cheaper than another? while time spent on the task and the skill of the detailer play a part, it is also down to the equipment and products used. While there are a lot of cheap products out there, good quality car detailers will use better quality products. Chose a car detailing service that uses quality products.

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