How often do you deep clean your living space? For most of us, it’s only once a year, at the beginning of spring. This doesn’t mean our homes are filthy the rest of the year. It just means sometimes; the house needs an extra dose of elbow grease. Your car is the same way. Yes, you probably wash it every week – some even clean it every day. But there’s a world of difference between a regular car wash and detailing. The latter is the equivalent of spring cleaning your wheels (and the rest of the car too). Except it’s not just once a year.

Ideally, you should have your car detailed once or twice a month as part of your car care routine. And because we know how hard that can be in your busy schedule, we make it easier for you. Car Care employs a team of mobile detailers and franchises available all over Australia and in parts of New Zealand. And you don’t have to plan for transport or utilities, because we’ll come to you, with our own water, power, and car brushes. But how does detailing extend the life of your car?


Protecting your body work

We put a lot of emphasis on colour when we’re buying a car. What we may not realise (at least until it happens) is that repairing your car’s body is far more expensive than fixing any other kind of damage. Finding the exact same shade can be a challenge, so you may end up sanding and repainting the whole thing. Unfortunately, you sometimes do this damage while cleaning the car. When you take the car to an automated car wash, the hard brushes and harsh soaps can make the car paint fade.

And when you’re washing the car at home, you might accidentally grind dirt into the body as you wax. Mobile car washing can undo the damage of rough handling, restoring the car to its original shine. It can also minimise the incidence of accidental scratching because when we wax your car, we do such a thorough job that you won’t need a touch-up for a few weeks so that it will hold until your next mobile detailing session.


Prolonged protection

We can stretch the effects even further with a coat of paint protector. It keeps your body work safe from flying gravel, road lime, acid rain, bird droppings, and other forms of surface damage. Our detailing process – especially if you take one of our comprehensive packages – treats your car as a sum of its parts. It’s why we clean each section individually, from upholstery to rubbers and plastics. We dust, wash, rinse, dry, and buff, according to type.

This means your car parts always look brand new and last longer before they need replacement. Certain portions of the car are often soiled, like mudguards, tyres, or bushings. When they’re shiny and clean, it’s easier to spot any cracks, damage, or wear, and you can fix before they get worse. Keeping the car in pristine condition boosts resale value.

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