You might have heard that scent is particulate. That means when you smell something, microscopic pieces of that substance have made their way into your mouth or nostrils. These invisible particles are then recognised by your brain, and a word or image forms in your mind, telling you what that smell is.

If the smell is unfamiliar, your brain recognises that too so that it will classify the unknown particle as pleasant, irritating, or even vomit-inducing. Why does any of this matter to car detailers? Because their approach to getting rid of odours is different from yours.

When you notice a strange smell in your car, you will open all the doors and windows to get the bad smell out. Or maybe you’ll spray a perfume or car freshener to overpower it. If that doesn’t work, you will clean your car as thoroughly as you can, hoping the smell of detergents will cloak the icky scent that’s bugging you.

At Car Care Australia, our professional car cleaning service attacks car odours at the particulate level. We dig deep into your car, getting into the carpets, between the seats, inside the folds, around the bushes, and well into those hard to reach places. A lot of these spaces are areas you’d never think to look, let alone clean. And even if you did want to clean them, you can’t reach them without specialised car-cleaning equipment.

It’s inside these impossible spaces that nasty scent particles hide. And that’s why no matter how many times you clean your car, the smell remains. It’s because you couldn’t get those invisible pieces on your own. Our patented Purifier goes one better. After we manually dig up all the particulates and extract them, the Purifier floods the car with ozone, seeping into any spaces we might not have covered and killing all smelly bacteria and allergens.

Some of the common smells you may encounter are cigarette smoke and car sickness. It’s hard to deal with cigarette smoke because it doesn’t have a clear source you can remove. You might eliminate the ashes, tar stains, and cigarette butts, but there’s no way to extract fumes that have seeped into the fabrics of your seats, carpets, or mats.

Car sick smell is similar. You can clean out the mess, drown the car in bleach, and scrub it until there are no visible stains, but the tiny bits of sick remain. You may be advised to apply cat litter or baking soda to the area, but they only absorb some of the smell. They won’t catch those tiny particles enmeshed in the fabric.

Mildew is probably the most annoying one because you will remove all the sickly grey residue and even change the mats, but that mouldy smell persists. These three smells can be eliminated by the Purifier because the ozone saturation gets right inside the fabric fibres and destroys every vestige of scent-inducing bacteria. We make it look easy, and we have a mobile detailing unit, so you don’t have to come to us. We’ll come to you!

If you’d like to get rid of that nagging smell, give us a call on 1300 227 227.