How do you make your decisions about car wash and detailing? A lot of us focus on speed and convenience, which is why automatic car washes were so popular for many years. You drive into it, and ten minutes later, you drive out with a seemingly clean car. At some car washes, you can drive the car yourself, while others let you drop it off and pick it up. Just make sure you take out all your valuables before you walk away because they can’t promise your stuff will stay safe.


They’re not as convenient as you’d think

As it turns out, Car Care has an option that’s even more convenient than the drive-through wash; we offer a drive-to-you wash. With the automatic car wash, you still have to get there and back. On the other hand, our mobile car cleaning service is available wherever you are in Australia or New Zealand. Our detailing van comes straight to your home or office, bringing our own soap, water, and power source, so you pay nothing on utilities. Plus since the cleaners come to you, you don’t even have to dress up or get out of bed. Just hand us the keys and any special instructions you may want to issue. We’ll do the rest.


There’s no personal touch

Automation worries us, because ‘machines might take our jobs’. However, while a machine might do the task faster and cheaper, it won’t do it better. Our mobile car detailers can give your car full attention, spending up to an hour if they need to. And they’re fully insured, use their own cleaning implements, and are super friendly, so if you want to, you can have a chat while they work. They’ll clean the car right there in your driveway, so if you’d rather stay indoors and get on with your chores while occasionally glancing out the window to be sure your car is still there, that’s fine too.


You don’t get spot cleaning

Drive-through washes usually focus on the outside of the car. And as your car moves through the machine, it may get scratches or dints from abrasive detergents and hard brushes. On the other hand, if you use our service, you can select interior cleaning too. Plus, because there are human eyes and hands involved, they can spot stains and overlooked dirt that a machine may miss. We can customise your wash, and we have specialised tools and services for plastics, rubber, upholstery, glass, mats, and even headlights, ensuring a thorough clean.


They don’t get rid of odours

At a drive-through, you only get rid of surface dirt. Unfortunately, ‘smells’ are made of microscopic particles that trigger your senses, and many of these particulate scents grind into the fabric and crevices of your car. A top-level clean can’t get rid of them. Plus, if your car isn’t totally sealed before it gets into the car wash, the interior can get a little moisture and leave that damp smell in your car. When we clean your car, we dry everything to keep it fresh-smelling, and if you like, we can use our patented Purifier to remove all unpleasant-smelling particles, bacteria, and allergens using our proven ozone saturation technique.

For thorough, personalised, genuinely convenient mobile detailing, call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227.


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