There is nothing like stepping into a clean vehicle that has that new car smell. Keeping your car clean and tidy is necessary and is part of basic general maintenance to ensure your car stands the test of time. But let’s face it, cleaning your vehicle can be a chore. Luckily there are tips on car wash and detailing to make the job a whole lot easier. In this blog, we share some tips and tricks to help you keep your car looking beautiful inside and outside.

Cleaning the Interior

There are several products on the market that help you keep your car in tip-top condition. The first one being upholstery protecting products. After you have cleaned the inside of your car, it’s a good idea to apply upholstery protector.  This will prevent sun damage and also stop your upholstery from becoming dry and eventually cracking.

Vacuuming the car is a lot easier with the right attachment, make sure you use a nozzle style attachment to get under the seats and in the centre console. The nozzle can also be used to get into between the seats and other hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Make-up brushes can be used for the air-conditioning vents. They make light work of it, and you can really get in there and clean them thoroughly. If you don’t have a make-up brush, you always use a popsicle stick or something of similar dimensions. Wrap tissue or a thin rag around the popsicle stick and your good to go.

Cleaning the Exterior

The first step to getting the exterior clean is the obvious, giving it wash. Try using two buckets, one with warm soapy water and the with clean water. After you wash it down with the soapy water follow it up with the fresh water for fewer streaks and better results.

Mr. Myiagi from the Karate Kid was onto something with his wax on, wax off technique. Waxing your car not only makes your car shine in the light but it also provides a protective coating for the paint job of your vehicle. Wax will help keep your paint from fading in the sun and will also prevent minor scratches.

Remember the wise words of Mr. Myiagi when applying wax to your car. First, apply the wax with a rag, then with clean cloth go over the same section. Don’t be afraid to put a little elbow grease into it to really bring out the shine.

Give your tyres a little TLC by washing them and coating them with a tyre protector spray. Tyre protector spray as the name suggest protects your tyres by creating a protective coat around the rubber. It will give your tyres a showroom shine.

But nothing is as good as getting the professionals in to do it for you. At Car Care Australia we have state of the art equipment and trained professionals that will get the job done right at your convenience.