Easter is just around the corner and for most people, the traditional gift for loved ones during this time is chocolate. Stand out this year and do something unique and memorable for your loved one by gifting them a mobile auto detailing service. A gift that will have a more significant impact on them than merely enjoying a pack of chocolate. Their vehicle will stay with them longer, and each time they get into it their newly looking car, you will come up in their mind.

What does the service entail?
As opposed to having your car cleaned in the standard way at a car wash, mobile auto detailing entails giving your car more attention and detail that goes beyond just getting it cleaned and washed.
It involves a thorough inside and outside cleaning as well as reconditioning, which restores your car to its best look. It will also include the removal of any contaminants that may lead to car damage. Many people do not realise how much bacteria and microbes our cars are susceptible too, even after a wash and vacuum. The great thing about a detailing service is that it in fact removes them.

In this article, we look at some of the benefits of getting a car detailing service.

Remove Contaminants That Damage Your Car
As we drive our cars around, they get exposed to all sorts of contaminants that can damage the paint job if not dealt with early enough. By using a clay bar, those offering the service will be in an excellent position to remove harmful substances such as tar and sap, which, if not removed, can expose the base to elements that will damage the car’s paint. This is something we dread knowing how expensive it can be getting the right paint. Washing your car with hard water can also damage it thanks to the mineral compounds found in this type of water. To remedy this, experts working on your car will use solvents.

Deal with scratches
We all want a shiny, smooth exterior for our vehicles. This however, will not last to long, as scratches develop over time. The scratches are usually caused by a variety of things, from having your car cleaned in express car washes to the wrong use of buffers. The wonderful thing about detailing a car is, it will solve the issue and leave the car sparkling clean and shiny.

When done correctly, the final product will look as good as it was when brand new!

Condition and Extend the Life of Your Interior
With this service, both the interior and exterior get plenty of attention. This service involves the removal of any unwanted external elements such as pet hair and any stains that may be in any part of the interior, with the seats being the biggest culprits. Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned to give your vehicle a whole new look and feel and the end result leave a great new car smell.

With such an Easter gift your loved one will clearly not forget it as quickly as the traditional chocolate gift will melt in their mouth thanks to these benefits of getting a mobile car detailing service. At Car Care, all of our franchised detailers maintain up-to-date professional training to make sure your vehicle ends up looking It’s best. We hold our employees to high standards in order to please our customers, which is why we emphasise the training and certification of our dealers.

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