The most common calls we get related to odours in vehicles are caused by tobacco and pets, but there are other reasons too, such as spilt food and liquids – takeaway foods, coffee and milk etc, or little Johnnie has been sick or the bottle of Bundy dropped & broke, etc., etc..

Pre-loved cars often come with reminders from the previous owner, and the favourite is tobacco smells. Smoke odour gets into the fabric of the car (seats, carpets & hood linings), plus the air-conditioning ducts. Seats & carpets can generally be adequately treated by shampooing, while the hood lining needs extra care (too wet and the lining can separate from the roof). The ducts can also be treated with an air-conditioning product which will sanitize and deodorise at the same time.

Cat’s urine would be one of the more difficult odours to eradicate – the pungent smell seems to linger longer than most. However, once again it can be treated with the right products. Milk and associated products can also be difficult, especially if the spill has been there for a few days (or longer) – the sooner the job is tackled, the better the result will be.