It’s pretty clear when your car needs washing, but you may be unclear on the type of automobile detailing you require. You probably didn’t even know there were different kinds. After all, you just soap the car and rinse it, right? Well, not exactly. Here at Car Care, we offer more than ten car cleaning options.

So how can you tell which one is right for you? Let’s start with the basics. We are specialists in mobile detailing. That means we will come to your home or work and detail your car exactly where it is. You don’t have to bring it to us or incur any supplies costs since we bring our own tools, detergents, power source, and even water. We make it easy.

All you have to do is decide what you want to be done with your car. For example, are you looking to sell it and upgrade to something bigger, faster, or stronger? If so, we have a pre-sale package that’s specially designed to get you the best possible price for your car.

It’s our most comprehensive package, and in addition to washing the car, we will gloss the plastics and rubbers, clean the surface of the engine, shampoo the upholstery, polish your chrome wheels, vacuum the boot, clear the ashtrays, condition the leather, and deodorise your interiors.

Of course, if you’re planning to keep the car and you still want a thorough mobile car detail Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and many more locations are covered by our mobile units. Try our full detail package. This is like a spring clean for your car.

If you’d like us to take care of just one area, we can do that too. Our Swissvax product is excellent for giving your car that waxy sheen on a special day. We also have paint protection and paint correction services, to get the right colour from your car and keep it looking newer for longer. Bad smells? Our odour removal service never fails.

We’re especially fond of this service because it doesn’t just destroy the smell, it also eliminates any bacteria, micro-organisms, or allergens that might be hiding in the fabrics or fixtures of your car. It works by saturating your car interior with ozone, killing germs and nasty scents and leaving the car fresher for longer.

What if you’re just worried about the headlights? They get dull and cloudy over time. We have the skills to restore them and give them a new, bright, glossy finish. So, whether you need a mini detail, a quick interior flush, or the full showroom treatment, we can handle it.

To book your car detail or get some advice on which package you should choose, call Car Care Australia on 1300 227 227.


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