Quick question: would you rather have your car washed by hand or machine? Chances are you voted ‘hand’, which is why millions of car owners all over the world make their kids wash their cars. Machines may be faster and more convenient, but when it comes to automobile detailing, it’s always better by hand. Here are a few reasons why.

It conserves water and power

A lot of us are worried about the robots taking over the world. Others are concerned that mechanical devices and AI will steal their jobs. This can seem inevitable for tasks like washing cars. After all, it doesn’t require much thinking. It’s just soap and water. Drive-through car washes use fast-moving belts and spinning brushes to get a good clean.

They offer convenience because it takes a few minutes and you don’t have to get out of your car. However, a drive-through uses large amounts of water and soap, as well as electricity to power their machines. When a car is washed by hand, the detailer can regulate the amount of soap and water. The scale of hand-washing drastically reduces water and power usage.

It helps you save

When your car is hand-washed by Car Care Australia, we bring our water and power, which means we don’t escalate your utility bills. In a drive-through, the cost of water and electricity is passed down to you, making everything more costly. Apart from the cash and utilities saved, getting a hand-wash saves you time.

Our mobile detailers will come to you. We can wash the car in your front yard or your office car park. You don’t have to use fuel getting to the drive-through or sitting in the car as it cleans. You can go about your business while we get the car clean. Our services are available all week, and on weekends as well.

It’s more comprehensive

When you drive your vehicle through a car wash, you don’t get as much attention as in your car detailing. The interior of the car won’t be cleaned, and the undercarriage will not be scrubbed. Hand-washers can get beneath the carpets, around the rubber bushings, and between the seat cushions in a way that machines simply cannot.

Hand-washers also pay attention to the material your car is made from. They will clean leather seats using different soaps and brushes and may have special cleaners for fabric upholstery. Drive-throughs are more of a one-size-fits-all. This sometimes means harsh soaps and chemicals will be used on the delicate portions of your car.

It catches stubborn dirt

Drive-throughs – even good ones – are still machine operated. That means there’s no human eye to spot stains, human ears to catch strange noises, or human noses to get a whiff of unwanted smells. When we detail your car by hand, our professional detailer can observe all those things and troubleshoot until we find the source of the dirt.

For a professional hand-wash right on your doorstep, call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227.