When you are trying to come up with a birthday gift, it can get a little difficult. Chocolate? Too boring. Alcohol? A little uncool. A Myer gift voucher? Too generic. A book? Probably won’t get read. But how about something a little out of left field, that’s going to be really appreciated as one of those things that make life a little bit easier? How about getting them a birthday mobile car clean – or better yet, mobile car detailing and professional car cleaning?

Most of us don’t get our cars cleaned as often as we should. Car cleaning helps to keep our cars looking newer for longer. Even fewer of us get professional details done on our cars regularly. And for how much time we spend in them, we really should be taking more care!

This is why mobile car detailing and cleaning can be an excellent birthday present. A professional mobile care solution is great because it doesn’t take any time out of the recipient’s day – the mobile cleaners will come out to them. It certainly beats those self-service car wash centres, and these professionals do a far better job than the automatic car wash stations that so many of us use at petrol stations.

How much better do you feel when your car is sparkly clean and shiny? How much better do you feel when the inside of your car is free from debris and looking like new again? A lot is the answer – especially if you do drive on a regular basis.

That’s why this is a great gift. If you are feeling generous, then you can even choose to give the gift that keeps on giving – how about giving your recipient a regular mobile car wash and semi-regular detailing? This means that they won’t have to worry about car cleaning themselves for many months to come. It can save them time and money and have them feeling renewed pride in their car and enjoy driving it around for extended periods again.

While it’s not exactly a traditional birthday gift, getting someone a mobile car wash voucher and/or interior detailing is a thoughtful gift. And if you are sick of giving all the usual suspects and are out of unique ideas, then it could well be the perfect choice for what you are looking for.

Car Care comes to you in all areas of Australia, from Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and in between, our team of Car Care professionals can provide top quality car cleaning and detailing inside and out. Why not think outside the box when it comes to birthday presents and give someone the gift of a nice, fresh, shiny, clean car?