Let’s face it – many of us live in our cars. We eat and drink there, our children eat and drink there (typically in a less than genteel fashion) and many is the occasion that we bring our pets along for a ride. With this glorious mix of people, animals, food and drink, both spills and their accompanying smells are bound to happen. And there is nothing quite so unpleasant as driving around while inhaling a bad odour and/or sitting on stains.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Granted, the very best way to prevent spills and odours from happening is to simply not eat or drink in your car. However, taking such measures is not only impractical but also makes driving and car rides less enjoyable for all concerned. What else can you do to eliminate odours and stains?

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First, make it a habit to remove any rubbish, leftover food or drink and containers that has accumulated on the seats and floor regularly, ideally every night when you return home. While performing this step, make sure to check hard to reach places, like between and under seats, as well as the boot and the car’s various compartments. Then, on a weekly basis,  wipe down and vacuum your car’s interior, paying particular attention to floor mats, air vents, seat belts and buckles and between seats. Doing so will prevent the week’s accumulation of dirt, dust and crumbs from getting into the car’s fabric, which creates odours. Be careful when taking this on yourself as the wrong products and techniques can, in same cases, actually set the stains and odours in more deeply.

During your cleaning, if you discover a stain, spray the area with an interior clean designed for vehicles. And, if you’re starting to clean regularly but your upholstery and mats have already absorbed odours, it’s time to shampoo the fabric in order to eliminate the smells. When you’re done shampooing, ensure that the upholstery and mats are fully dry before driving in order to prevent mildew.

Remember too that weather plays a role in creating odours in your car. During hot weather, avoid leaving anything that can melt or overheat, such as personal care products and perishables in your car. Rolling down the window on dry, warm days will help air out your car, while keeping the windows up during damp or rainy weather will help you avoid mold and mildew.

Once you make it habit to keep your car debris-free, you’ll be well on your way to preventing spills and odours in your car. When the inevitable spill happens, act quickly to address the problem: Soak up the spill immediately with towels, then treat and vacuum the area so that the area does not absorb the smell.

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Alternatively to save you time and energy and the chance of accidentally making things worse, particularly if you have an odour or stain that refuses to come out, then it’s time for a car detailing. Detailing a car is a foolproof way to eradicate stubborn smells and spots and return your car to like-new status. For more information on fighting grimy, sticky upholstery and foul odours with car detailing, contact us today.