Ask anyone in the world what annoys them most, and they’ll include some form of pointless waiting. They might cite traffic jams, slow drivers in the fast lane, or people who dawdle on pavements. Or they may list long lines at the airport, at the ATM, or at the automated car-wash. Even with the advent of podcasts, we still hate waiting. It’s why we’ve come up with so many delivery options. Nowadays, you can order anything!

You can buy clothes, books, or cosmetics online and have them brought to your door (by drone!) And now, you can have your car wash delivered too!

Chauffeured car cleaning

At Car Care, we have a rich network of franchises that stretch from Dunsborough in WA to Noosa in QLD. We even have branches in Tasmania and New Zealand. Here’s how it works. When you book a mobile car detail in Perth or any other part of Australia, one of our Detailers will come to you. We don’t have a call-out charge, so we won’t bill you for the travel time.

And we don’t even need you to be in an urban area. Our detailing vans have their own water, power, and cleaning supplies, so if you’re in a rural area and decide to pamper your car, as long as we can reach you, we will. We offer a variety of detailing services right at your doorstep. You don’t have to move a muscle or lift a finger (except of course to call us). And because we work with your schedule, it’s all about your convenience.

We can do a full detail, covering interiors and exteriors,. Or we could do a pre-sale detail to have your car looking better than new – and guaranteeing you a far better price. We can dig into the details your standard wash doesn’t cover. Things like defogging lights, protecting the paint, glossing your rubbers, glass, and plastics, and a hand or machine polish.  Leather or  fabric – we have a product to suit.

Fresher than lime and lemon

Our fresh air ozone Purifier saturates your car with ozone, which means it doesn’t just freshen your car, it kills every single germ, allergen, and particulate scent source, smothering the smelly critters and snuffing them out. We’ve tested it on smokers, dog owners, bar brawlers, rugby players, and baby transporters. All those scents were eliminated altogether.

So, the next time you want professional car clean, don’t queue at your local car wash. Give us a call and we’ll drive straight to you. You can lounge in your pyjamas and summer shorts while we do all the work of getting your car spotless. For thorough, professional car detailing right at your door, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.

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