Over the course of everyday use, your car is likely to pick up different types of dirt and grime. These can be eventually unpleasant to be around and embarrassing especially when other people ask to come with you in your vehicle. One of the worst things your car could pick up is odours.

Odours come from many different sources. Some are as a result of pet excrement – probably the worst offender! Others come from people smoking in the car or being sick. Another unpleasant set of odours are a result of mildew, due to atmospheric wetness in the upholstery and carpeting.

Whatever the case, it is advisable to consider our odour removal service. Covering them with various air fresheners does not get the job done. Here is what you can expect:


All our staff are well trained in the art of odour removal. They are also regularly trained in customer care. This means that all your odour removal needs will always be handled by a qualified professional. We ensure that we leave everything where we found it. We are qualified in removing odours from cars, RVs, boats and all other spaces with lingering smells. After the removal process, we will give you a free air freshener. The beauty of our services is that we come to you and you do not have to wait.


We exceed industry expectations when it comes to odour removal. Our processes utilise a purifier, which is one of the most powerful eliminators when it comes to foul smells. It uses Ozone, which uses the same protective layers as it does with the earth and solar radiation. Ozone removes fouls smells from smoke, mildew, bacteria and allergens by permeating the fabrics of your vehicle upholstery in the seats and carpeting. It works by enveloping the cause and saturating it, thereby efficiently choking it out and eliminating it.


We have been in the vehicle cleaning and detailing business since 1987. Over this period, we have acquired a vast level of expertise in all areas of automobile care. This experience extends to our car odour removal services. We have perfected our craft to include all mannerisms of odour treatment. We utilise revolutionary technology and have learnt to strip away fungi, bacteria and other odour causing articles to ensure a long-lasting solution.

If you would like to learn about the Car Care customer experience, have a browse through our client’s testimonials. Our clients love our quick response, our professional customer care and our careful attention to detail.

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