Headlight restoration offers an affordable option over headlight replacement for returning your headlights to their original radiance and keeping your car looking its best.

Whereas older model vehicles had glass headlights, most of today’s cars have headlights made from polycarbonate (plastic). This change was due to the fragile nature of glass headlights, which were prone to shattering. Polycarbonate is highly durable but carries a downside: over time, headlights become dull and yellowed, as factors such as debris and weather conditions break down the protective coating that covers the lens.

With glass headlights, if headlights became dirty or otherwise marred, consumers could effortlessly rejuvenate them. By simply wiping them down with an appropriate cleanser remove the accumulated chaff, one could achieve a glossy, radiant finish. For today’s consumers, however, headlight maintenance is more complicated.

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With polycarbonate headlights, many people believe that their only option is to install new headlights once their existing headlights become hazy and consequently illuminate less effectively. Purchasing new headlights though may not be within their financial means, since this choice requires paying for the new headlights and the installation. How then do you keep your car looking good and providing the proper illumination for night driving when getting new headlights is costly?

Thankfully, for cars where headlight problems are due to build up, headlight restoration poses a viable alternative. With headlight restoration, the existing coating and other compromising materials are removed before a replacement coating is applied. This process revives the existing headlights, which in turn restores driving safety and the look of your car. Best of all, a headlight restoration saves you money, since headlight restoration costs a fraction of the price required to purchase and install replacement headlights.

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When you bring your car in for a headlight restoration, we remove the accumulated dross and deteriorated components to restore clarity and lustre. To achieve this goal, we clean, sand and/or polish the headlights. During this process, we remove the clouded lens and any fine scratches on the headlights. Once the headlights are restored, we apply a new, clear coating on the revived headlights to protect the newly conditioned surface.

When you opt for a headlight restoration, you can expect to maximise your existing headlights’ operation and performance, which translates into appropriate visibility and driving safety. You will also maintain the set of headlights that came with the car, which factors positively into the car’s resale value. You will also preserve the car’s external appearance to factory conditions, which keeps the car looking uniform and proportionate. And perhaps most importantly, you will save money by avoiding the unnecessary costs associated with a complete headlight replacement.

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