We’re well into 2018 now, and while some of us began the year with fit body goals, we may have forgotten to include our cars in that equation. After all, they probably got you to the gym, so they deserve some love too. You could buy a new set of wheels, or update her upholstery. Just because you’re not buying a new car doesn’t mean you can’t give her a makeover that leaves her looking ‘straight outta showroom’.


Get her nails done

Well obviously you shouldn’t use nail varnish on your car, but you can get her paint as gorgeous and glossy as the most high-end manicure. Car Care offers specialised car detailing for your paint job. Our paint correction service is a lot like a manicure. We will wash, rinse, buff, wipe, polish, and gloss. Nail comparisons aside, we will also blacken your tyres and have them looking like a brand new set.


Paint, polish, protect or just wax

While you’re still on the subject of bodywork, you might be unclear on what exactly your car needs. If your car looks old, beat up, scratched and dull, we recommend and cut & polish for paint correction. We’ll wash the car with a high-pressure detergent spray, rinse with high pressure, use a cutting product to ‘buff’ away the damaged paint and even out the scratches, then polish your car to a medium cut.


Extra gloss, extra shine

If you’d like your car really glossy, we can replace the wax with our speciality paint finish. Its effects will be more drastic and last much longer. If your car’s body is in decent shape, we can just give you a Swissvax wax, but if your driving conditions are rough, we can add a protective coat that works against lime, acid rain, ultraviolet rays and more. We can also restore the shine to hazy, yellowed headlights as an extra service.


Get that new car smell

No matter how much you’ve washed your car or stuffed it with car fresheners, there are still some lingering stale scents. This year, give your car a scent-sual make-over with our patented Purifier. It floods your car with ozone that gets rid of smells, germs, allergens, and scent particulates. We have tested it on nicotine, mould, baby vomit, and much more.


Take her for a check-up

This year, don’t wait until your car stalls. Take her for a wellness check, just to be sure everything is working as it should. Check the tyre pressure, the fluid levels, and the engine hum. Just like visiting the dentist, your car should get her check twice a year.

Aside from the maintenance check, all these other services are available at your doorstep. Our mobile car detailers in Adelaide and the rest of the country will drive right to where you are and treat your car to a buff, wax, upholstery detailing, paint protection treatment, or whatever else you need. Plus, we bring our own power and tools.

To keep your car in shape throughout 2018, call Car Care on 1300 227 227.