Operating a car share or driving service, such as Uber, has become a popular occupation. It’s a competitive industry, and drivers rely on top ratings and reviews to stay ahead in the game. We share 3 top tips to earn a 5-star review from your customers.


1.  Keep it Tidy

If you own a car, then you will know how quickly it can get dirty. Leaves, mud and debris, dust, fingerprints, drink bottles, tissues, tickets and receipts find their way under seats and inside door pockets very rapidly. As a passenger, stepping into a dirty or untidy car can feel uncomfortable. In fact, there’s nothing less appealing than an unclean vehicle to customers.


Three practical ways to stay on top of clutter and daily dirt are to:


  • Keep a bin in the car- a small bin offers a place for you and your passengers to discard unwanted items. At your earliest convenience, you can easily empty or replace it.


  • Clean as you go- between passengers, and every time you enter or exit your vehicle, give it a quick once over and straighten up anything you can. Habitually staying on top of the mess means that there’s never an overwhelming amount to tackle.


  • Avoid food and drink- Keeping your vehicle food and drink free (wherever possible) avoids unwanted odours, crumbs, stains, smears and packaging accumulating.


2.  Professional Cleaning

If you follow step 1, then you’ve done a great job in maintaining your car’s general tidiness. Now it’s time to think about having it regularly cleaned. A clean car will help make customers feel respected and valued. Vacuuming and shampooing internal fabrics, wiping down hard surfaces, cleaning windows and an external wash and polish on a regular basis will keep your car feeling fresh. A professional car wash service is an affordable, effortless way to maintain your car’s general state so that your service remains appealing and professional at all times.


3.  Professional Detailing

There is a big difference between a professional clean and professional detailing service. Think of regular car wash services as general maintenance- like brushing your teeth. Car detailing is a top-to-toe car cleaning and treatment service- a trip to the dentist for a professional once-over and deep clean. Car detailing is a smart investment in your vehicle’s presentation and longevity. Periodically having your car professionally detailed will leave your car feeling and looking like new.


There’s good news. Car detailing is affordable and accessible these days. Reputable mobile auto detailing services, such as Car Care, make it super-convenient. You don’t need to find time to take your car to a service centre. Mobile auto detailers will come to you and provide a customised service while you wait in the comfort of your own home.


Car detailing can be customised to your vehicle’s specific needs. Services includeon your car’s paintwork, minor scratches, watermarks and stubborn dirt, and washing and polishing of exterior, including all rims and windows, internal vacuuming, shampoo, scrubbing, spot treatment, polishing, sealing and glass cleaning. Your car will feel as good as new fresh, professional, inviting and worthy of a 5-star rating.


Protect your vehicle and your professional reputation with these top tips. Invest in car detailing services. You’ll love the results. Contact Car Care today to find out more.


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