Why you should call us if you are selling your car in Brisbane

As far as easy access to mobile detailing goes - Brisbane is well within our reach.  We offer car wash packages that start under $100, and you don’t have to move a muscle or lift a finger. You don’t even have to get out of bed, though you do have to pick up your mobile [...]

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Why Perth Loves Car Care

Mobile car cleaning services are a popular choice for those with limited time, or who don’t have the facilities to wash their car where they live. Mobile car detailers come to you, and they bring with them everything they need to get the job done, everything from water and electricity to cleaning products. This is [...]

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The Downside of Automatic Car Washes

How do you make your decisions about car wash and detailing? A lot of us focus on speed and convenience, which is why automatic car washes were so popular for many years. You drive into it, and ten minutes later, you drive out with a seemingly clean car. At some car washes, you can drive [...]

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What Our Pre-sale Service Involves

The second a car leaves a showroom, its value goes down. And the longer you have her, the lower her resale value. However, it’s possible to give her a make-over that will put the shine back in her eye, restoring her pristine appearance and fetching you a better price. It will only cost you $200 [...]

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Why Queue When We Can Come To You

In this day and age when everyone is on the move, it pays to have services that come to where you are. Automobile detailing should not be any different. Concierge-style car wash and detailing services are the way of the future. Since 1987, we have over time transformed vehicle maintenance services into an art. We [...]

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What To Expect From Our Odour Removal Service

Over the course of everyday use, your car is likely to pick up different types of dirt and grime. These can be eventually unpleasant to be around and embarrassing especially when other people ask to come with you in your vehicle. One of the worst things your car could pick up is odours. Odours come [...]

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Why People Enjoy Mobile Car Detailing After A Road Trip

Road trips are a quintessential part of life, from the family camping trip to festivals with friends, and finally roving adventures as a grey nomad. You know the story well. Hotel California is blasting through the airwaves, everyone having a sing-along. Eventually, the passengers get restless, and it’s time to get some food on the [...]

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Why Choose Car Care

What are your options regarding automobile detailing? Go to a car wash, clean it at home, or hire the neighbourhood kids? These aren't bad choices, but we can do better. We can come straight to you, wherever you are, whether you're at home, in the office, or sight-seeing interstate. We'll send our detailers to you, [...]

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Car Maintenance Goals for 2018

We're well into 2018 now, and while some of us began the year with fit body goals, we may have forgotten to include our cars in that equation. After all, they probably got you to the gym, so they deserve some love too. You could buy a new set of wheels, or update her upholstery. [...]

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Why A Drive-Through Car Wash can Never Beat A Pro Hand-wash

Quick question: would you rather have your car washed by hand or machine? Chances are you voted 'hand', which is why millions of car owners all over the world make their kids wash their cars. Machines may be faster and more convenient, but when it comes to automobile detailing, it's always better by hand. Here [...]

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The perfect car care service for you

Mobile car detailing is an affordable service that you need. The specialists come to you – wherever you are, at a time that is convenient for you. They bring their own power and water, so if you are at work, or at home access to electricity and water isn’t an issue. Many people wonder what [...]

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Not Just A Car Wash…

Why so many car lovers detail their cars once a week For many car lovers, a car is not just a means of transportation. It’s a source of pride, a symbol of prosperity, or a sentimental possession. Vehicles are known to hold sentimental value and express the character of the owner. Therefore, it’s not a [...]

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Where Do You Park Your Car

Where you live and where you park your car determines how dirty it gets. If you are lucky enough to be able to park your car in a garage, you are relatively fortunate. Parking your car under cover certainly helps keep it cleaner, it also helps preserve the paintwork. Depending on where you live and [...]

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Tips for Extending The Life of Your Car

Some people buy a car out of passion. It may have been their dream model since their teens, so once they have it, they never plan to let it go. Others buy cars with a more practical mindset, keeping their eye on its resale value. Whether you want to pass your car down to your [...]

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How We Can Fix Damaged Paintwork

When your car has damaged paintwork, your first thought might be that you need to take it to the spray painter, bodyworker, or auto repairs shop. For those not in the know, this can be a costly exercise. The first port of call when it comes to damaged paintwork on your car is always to [...]

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How To Get Your Car Back In Form After A Road Trip

Once the road trip has finished, it’s tempting to relax on your couch, scrolling through the photos from your trip. However, once you’ve unpacked the car and had a bit of a relax, you should think about how you are going to maintain your car after the trip – as it’s probably taken a bit [...]

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Start The New Year with A Car So Clean It Feels New

The year is ending, and you’re probably making plans for the holidays. Maybe you’re going on a road trip or stowing the car in the garage as you travel to some exotic location. If you’re looking ahead, you may be making plans to clear out your home, getting rid of clutter and making space for [...]

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Which Car Care Detail Package should You Choose

It’s pretty clear when your car needs washing, but you may be unclear on the type of automobile detailing you require. You probably didn’t even know there were different kinds. After all, you just soap the car and rinse it, right? Well, not exactly. Here at Car Care, we offer more than ten car cleaning [...]

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What to Expect From Our Car Detailing Services

Car cleaning is something a lot of people just want to leave *to someone else*. It can be a difficult procedure – especially if you don’t have the knowledge or the right equipment. Cleaning, washing, vacuuming and polishing a vehicle to have it looking *new again* takes time. Car detailing is the process of thoroughly [...]

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Give the Gift of a Car Detail This Christmas

Oh my god! Christmas is rolling around faster than ever this year. They’re already putting up decorations in the shops! If you haven’t started planning out your gifts now, then it’s definitely time to start thinking about it. What are you going to get for the kids? What’s even popular these days? What are you [...]

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