A vehicle’s paint job operates as the first line of defence for its bodywork. And while car paint is designed to be durable, modern paints are water-based and are less tough than the paint used on older vehicles. This change makes proper waxing and polishing of one’s car more important than ever in order to protect the car’s exterior from deterioration.

Polish vs wax – which does your car need? If you’re happy with your car’s paint job but want to add another layer of protection while boosting shine and lustre, waxing is the answer. But if the elements, animal droppings and debris have resulted in minor blemishes, oxidation or uneven tone in your vehicle’s paint job, then polishing is the answer. During a professional polishing, any scratches and swirls are actually buffed out and filled in, which gives the exterior and even, smooth finish.


Consumers are typically advised to apply a wax to their cars at least twice a year or when water no longer beads off the car. But what about polishing?

  1. One consideration is where you park your vehicle. If the vehicle remains outside year-round, then it is constantly exposed to dirt, UV rays, the sun, rain and so forth. That translates into a quicker degradation of your car’s paint job. Storing your car in a structure such as a carport or even beneath a tree can reduce the vehicle’s exposure to negative conditions.
  2. Another aspect to consider is the age and ownership history of your car. If, for example, you have been the car’s sole owner and have maintained the car in good condition, then the paint job on your car should also be in good condition. However, if you purchased your car used and the previous owner did not maintain the car well, then that neglect will show up as scratches and a dull finish in the paint job.


When it comes to polishing, how frequently you book in a polish also depends on the polish used. Cars with good paint jobs where all-in-one polish is applied can get away with getting touch-up polishes once monthly or every other month. Cars, where the paintwork is in poor condition, need more TLC, which means heavier, more abrasive polish is in order.

Once you’ve determined how frequently you need to organise a polish for your car, forget about car wash polishes, which do little to protect your vehicle. An expert hand or machine polish with the appropriate product is required, and this is one the main reasons why this maintenance chore is much better handled by a mobile car detailer – they will perform a personalised and professional hand polish for your car – when and where you need it.


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