Once the road trip has finished, it’s tempting to relax on your couch, scrolling through the photos from your trip. However, once you’ve unpacked the car and had a bit of a relax, you should think about how you are going to maintain your car after the trip – as it’s probably taken a bit of a battering while you’ve been away. Follow these tips to get her shipshape again asap.

Check the tyres again

While you would’ve checked your tyres before you headed out onto the open road, if you’ve managed to clock up the kilometres over your trip then it’s a good idea to check them again. You’ll want to check the air pressure to make sure it’s suitable for city driving again, as well as see if they’ve gotten a little too bald over the course of your drive.

Give it a thorough wash

Your car has probably come back a little dirtier than usual after finishing up your road trip. You’ve probably been out on the great open road, zooming along at speed, which has lead to an army of insects being flung into the front of your car. Not to mention the dust, dirt, and mud that might’ve been flung up the sides and back. A thorough wash is a must do activity.

Interior detailing.

Likewise, if you and your friends and family have managed to track dirt and dust into your car, spilt coke or mayonnaise on the interior, or just generally dirtied things up, then it’ll need an interior detail. It’s usually easiest to leave detailing a car to the professionals.

Check to see if it needs a new service

If you put some series k’s on the car during your road trip, then you might find that by the end of it that you’re due for a service. It is important to stay on top of your scheduled services to ensure that your car remains running smoothly and without issues.

A cut and polish if the paintwork is looking a little worse for wear

Has the car been battered by branches or blanched by the sun? You might want to investigate and have a cut and polish to do a paint correction. A cut and polish can remove damaged paintwork and buff out scratches that might have occurred over the course of your road trip. It’s worth having a cut and polish if your paintwork is looking dull.

Car Care is a mobile company offering car wash and detailing, as well as cut and polish services, all around the country. Call us today to set up your post road trip car care appointment at your home or office.

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