When your car has damaged paintwork, your first thought might be that you need to take it to the spray painter, bodyworker, or auto repairs shop. For those not in the know, this can be a costly exercise.

The first port of call when it comes to damaged paintwork on your car is always to give it a cut and polish with your mobile car cleaning service.A cut and polish is a paint correction that goes above and beyond the regular polish that you will get when you give your car a good wash and finish.

How does a cut and polish work?

As with any clean, we start off by giving the exterior of your car a full going over, both with a high-pressure water gun, and then a full wash with detergent. This is then followed by careful attention with a clay cloth that will dislodge any damaged paintwork and other solidified residue on the surface of your car – then we rinse it again. Then comes the buffing of the car. We use a cutting compound that removes the very finest layer of the surface to remove any other damaged paintwork remaining and scratches on the surface of the car. This is then wiped off with a soft microfiber cloth, and then we top it with a fine of medium polish to add shine. Once the surface is ready, we top it off with wax to seal it and guard against future damage, or if you prefer, we can use a specialised paint finish.

This cut and polish process is suitable for cases where paintwork is not extensively degraded, and there are not numerous, deep scratches on the surface of the paintwork. It is the recommended treatment for cars to revive paintwork when it is looking a bit tired; however, it can’t work miracles if there is extensive damage.

Car Care car detailers can come directly to your home or office to provide a paint correction or cut and polish for your vehicle. Our handy mobile car detailing service allows you to get on with what you need to be doing with the least interruptions. We have mobile operators around the country, in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NT, and TAS, so you will be able to have your car paint corrected no matter where you live. We also offer other car care services such as an interior detail, full detail, and presale detail, so if you’re interested in a whole car revival, then we can help.

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