Mobile car detailing is an affordable service that you need. The specialists come to you – wherever you are, at a time that is convenient for you. They bring their own power and water, so if you are at work, or at home access to electricity and water isn’t an issue. Many people wonder what is the right, or perfect car care solution for them. It depends on your location, age of your car and how frequently you want a mobile car detailing service to come and clean your car.

Mobile car cleaning services will include:

  • Washing – using water, sponges and cleaners to remove dirt and debris
  • Cleaning – to remove any stubborn dirt, debris and stains
  • Polishing – to provide your car with a high gloss shine and a smooth surface
  • Protection – this is achieved with the use of waxes and polishes to fend off dirt and pollutants

If you really want to treat your car the perfect car care service is a *Cut and Polish* – or *Paint Correction* this is the best car care service if your car’s paint is looking dull and is perhaps a little rough to the touch. This mobile car cleaning service will remove any damaged paint and then a seal is used to protect your remaining paint work.

This excellent service includes:

  • A high-water pressure spray to remove surface dirt
  • Detergent wash of the exterior of your car, which includes the wheels
  • A clay bar/cloth treatment that will remove any damaged paint and surface contaminants
  • A high pressure rinse
  • If trims need masking they will be covered as necessary
  • A buff paint with a cutting compound is then used to remove existing damaged paint and scratches
  • The residue from the buffing is removed with a microfibre cloth
  • The surface is then polished with a fine to medium cut polish
  • Removal of any residue with a microfibre cloth
  • The protective masking tape is removed
  • Any exposed paint is sealed and protected
  • Vinyl trims and exterior rubber is rejuvenated
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Tyres are blacked and glossed

You are then left with a car that looks like it just drove out of the showroom, so, if you want to put all that shine and sparkle back into your car’s paint, call your local mobile car detailer and book an appointment. When you see your car is looking as good as new, you will be so very glad you did. Your car is important, from taking the kids to school, to getting to and from work, but you also need it not only looking it’s best, you need to protect its paintwork, so it can keep you on the road for longer.