Washing a car doesn’t seem that complicated. You get some soap, and you scrub it with a sponge, you get a few suds, you hose it down, then maybe you add a coat of wax. As it turns out, there’s a huge difference between home car washing and professional automobile detailing. We know you’re probably not convinced, so here are a few steps you’ve probably skipped for years as you cleaned your car over the weekend.

First question. When do you wash your car? On hot afternoons, right? To give yourself an excuse to get wet and cool off? Well, washing in direct sunlight means the car will dry faster, but so will the soap. You’ll get lots of water marks, so you’ll have to keep re-doing the same spot. When you call our team, you might notice we occasionally spray the car as we clean. It’s not because your car turned into a plant. It’s just to keep it cool and control water stains.

The next pointer isn’t something you missed; rather it’s something you do that you shouldn’t. Let’s say you washed the car and wiped it down only to realise you missed a spot.  Most people will just reach for the nearest cloth and go over the bit they missed.  Unfortunately, a dry chamois, or even a microfiber cloth,  will just rub the dirt in deeper possibly scraping the paint in the process.

And remember, no fabric softener in the wash. It will leave a residue on the cloth that might be harmful to your car, especially after a good waxing. Speaking of wax, how many layers do you apply? Two is more than enough.

What reminds you that it’s time to wash your car? Is it a standard weekend chore, or do you get triggered by that weird smell or that seat stain? If you’re prompted by the latter, you’ll probably deal with the stain and forget the rest of the fabric. You might notice that the cleaned spot now seems brighter than the rest of the chair, but you don’t have the energy or inclination to scrub the rest of the chair as hard as you scrubbed that one spot. Well, we do, and we’ll be glad to handle it for you.

When you call a car detailer from Car Care, we not only bring our own water and power source, but we will also bring our own specialised car detailing products.

Now that you know what you’ve been missing don’t waste your precious weekend hours bent over the bonnet. Whenever you want mobile car detailing, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are within reach of our detailing units. We’ll also have staff ready in Sydney and Adelaide.

Call Car Care today and book your mobile car detailing. The number is 1300 227 227.