When the cooler temperatures hit Australia, many drivers neglect upkeep of their cars. Who wants to brave the cold for a car wash? But that’s a problem. Regular car detailing is necessary to protect against Australia’s winter weather, which can wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Rain and salty air, for instance, can corrode and damage your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, degrade waxes, and erode clear coat protection. Inside, your vehicle is just as susceptible. Wet, muddy shoes track in dirt and grime and stain carpets, and the cold air can cause your leather seats and finishes to dry and crack.

The solution: A regular appointment with a professional auto detailer. Professional car detailing providers like Car Care come to your home and wash your car for you – no need to spend hours out in the cold hand washing your car.



How Australia’s Winter Weather Affects Your Car

You might think Australia’s winter weather is harmless. What’s the problem with a little rain, cold temperatures and salty fog clouds? But the winter elements can cause serious damage to your car. Here are a few reasons:

  • Acid Rain: From a distance, your car looks clean after rain. But in actuality, rain is doing serious damage. Here’s why: Rain picks up pollutants as it falls, which results in acid rain. These pollutants sit on your paint and can erode the clear coat and cause discolouration.
  • Salty Air: In coastal climates, those dense fog clouds that ground flights carry a lot of salt in them. Salt is highly acidic, and it can quickly cause rust and corrosion issues all over your car’s exterior. In the coldest Australian climates, road salt is another source of this vehicle scourge.
  • Colder Temperatures: Leather doesn’t do well in the cold. In fact, consistently cold temperatures dry out leather surfaces, causing cracking, fading and other problems.
  • Muddy Carpets: Wet shoes track mud onto your carpets. If not properly treated, this can lock tough stains into the carpet that are difficult to remove.

Car Detailing Solutions to Protect Your Car All Winter Long

From protecting the paint and exterior surfaces to keeping your car’s interior looking fresh, regular car details are absolutely necessary this winter. They help in a few ways:

  • Car Waxes: Automotive wax creates a layer of protection on top of the paint. This protects against salty air and acid rain. Buffing out the wax can also reverse discolouration and rain spotting.
  • Leather Conditioning: When temperatures drop into the teens, leather seats and interior accents start to lose moisture to the dry air. Proper conditioning locks moisture into leather seats and surfaces and keeps them looking brand new.
  • Proper Car Washing: A through weekly or monthly car wash will ensure salt is washed away from your car’s exterior.
  • Wheel Cleaning: Your wheels take a beating in winter. Debris and salt on the road can cause tough stains and corrosion in your wheels. Typically, wheel cleaning is part of most Car Care auto detailing packages.
  • Paint Sealants: Sealants are recommended about every 6 months, and if you haven’t had one in a while, it’s a great service to consider before winter weather sets in. Sealants create a strong layer on top of the paint, which prevent road salts, pollutants and debris from penetrating.  

This winter doesn’t neglect car washes. Call Car Care. Our car detailing professionals make house calls all across Australia, including car detailing in Sydney, Mobile detailing Brisbane, Mobile Detailing Perth and Melbourne.