Car cleaning is something a lot of people just want to leave *to someone else*. It can be a difficult procedure – especially if you don’t have the knowledge or the right equipment. Cleaning, washing, vacuuming and polishing a vehicle to have it looking *new again* takes time. Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning a vehicle inside and out to improve it’s appearance. However, detailing a car goes a lot further. To properly detail a car any small blemishes or damage must also be repaired – which can include waxing and polishing. Mobile car detailing services come to you to get the job done.

So, what can you expect from a mobile car detailing service?

  • SERVICE TIMES – this will depend on how busy the mobile detailer is, so you will need to schedule an appointment with them. A full detail can take 3- 4 hours but as long as the detailer has access to your car you can do anything else you need to do while your car is being detailed.
  • SERVICES – a standard detail should include – a full interior clean – window cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning of seats and upholstery and a full exterior clean – washing, polishing and waxing. There also many specialised services you can choose.

At Car Care we have a range of options when it comes to getting your car clean – our services include: high-pressure spray, high-pressure rinse, detergent exterior wash, chamois dry, wheels cleaned, Vacuuming of seats and carpet, interior door panels cleaned, seats and carpets shampooed, boot vacuumed, interior deodorised, windows cleaned, dashboard and console detailed and rejuvenated, ashtray cleaned, door rubbers treated, door jams cleaned, mats detailed and roof lining spot cleaned

We are your mobile car detailing service, we come to you, wherever you are, and we even bring our power and water, with staff who are fully insured and professionally trained. We also offer gift vouchers – the perfect gift for the car lover, or that friend who is always hard to buy for. Whatever the reason, a spring clean, a regular wash and wax, or getting your car ready for a special event or occasion, whatever it is your car needs, we are there.

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