Mobile Car Detailing As the Perfect Gift Idea

Buying presents for children is easy but buying for an adult can be a challenge. It’s hard to guess what they might want, and generally, most people pretty much already have everything. So, buying a practical present is the best way to go. A car detailing package is ideal and something that is always useful [...]

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Why a Drive-Through Car Wash Can Never Beat a Professional Hand Wash

For many people their car is their pride and joy, you want to look after your vehicle, and keep it looking as good as you can, for as long as you can. This means your car needs to be cleaned on the inside and washed on the outside regularly. Which is better for your car? [...]

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Why Mobile Car Detailing Is the Best Way to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Getting your car ready for sale is not as simple as just putting up an ad. There’s a great deal of work and preparation that goes into transforming a used car into an attractive piece of machinery that will sell. Standard requirements before selling a car include completing all necessary repairs, ensuring the maintenance is [...]

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Maintenance Tips for your Car, After a Long Car Journey

A car that has gone through a long journey has probably accumulated its fair share of dust and dirt. Long trips subject cars to all manner of elements, from mud on the wet tarmac roads to the dust on the dry country roads. The exterior surface of a vehicle is bound to have mud splats, [...]

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Tips on Keeping That New Car Feeling All Year Round

There is nothing like stepping into a clean vehicle that has that new car smell. Keeping your car clean and tidy is necessary and is part of basic general maintenance to ensure your car stands the test of time. But let's face it, cleaning your vehicle can be a chore. Luckily there are tips on [...]

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Mobile Car detailing as Easter Gift for him

Easter is fast approaching and perhaps you want to gift your spouse with something different this year. Mobile car detailing is the perfect gift. Which man would not love to see their car clean and polished courtesy of their spouse? Mobile car detailing is fast gaining traction in the car detailing service industry. The innovation [...]

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Things to do before selling your car

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new car, or maybe you just want to let go of your current vehicle. The process of selling a car can be daunting if you don’t know how to go about it. Unfortunately, numerous car owners make the same mistakes when it comes to selling cars. Before you [...]

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Hand wash at home or a professional detail?

What is the difference between a full detail offered by a mobile car detailing service and a car wash at home? While they sound pretty much the same, there is a big difference between going to a car wash for a quick clean, to having a professional mobile car detailer who has been trained in [...]

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Why queue, we come to you

Ask anyone in the world what annoys them most, and they’ll include some form of pointless waiting. They might cite traffic jams, slow drivers in the fast lane, or people who dawdle on pavements. Or they may list long lines at the airport, at the ATM, or at the automated car-wash. Even with the advent [...]

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Pros of Mobile Car Detailing

Having your car cleaned by a mobile car detailing service saves you a lot of time. Because a mobile car detailing service comes to you this means you can be doing *something else* while your car is being washed, cleaned and detailed. If you have a busy work life, you can schedule your car detailer [...]

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Looking After Your Car should Involve Regular Detailing

How often do you deep clean your living space? For most of us, it’s only once a year, at the beginning of spring. This doesn’t mean our homes are filthy the rest of the year. It just means sometimes; the house needs an extra dose of elbow grease. Your car is the same way. Yes, [...]

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Stain removal is a Breeze with Car Care

Whether you have a stain or not, your car seats do require cleaning regularly. The upholstery in your car absorbs body fluids daily, not to mention the dirt, dust and debris carried in by shoes, crumbs from food and splashes from drinks. This can cause your carpets and upholstery to not only look grubby, but [...]

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Maserati Grand Fondo

Very recently I had the pleasure of spending the day detailing this beautiful blue Maserati Ghibli. Although the car was almost 12 months old my client wanted the paint work protected with the best, hence Brila Premium Body Glass Coating. I need to say a big thanks to Arull, Brila Australia, for allowing me to [...]

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The advantages of mobile car care

Everybody loves a clean car, but the process of getting it spotless used to be time-consuming. Yes, you might enjoy the excuse to play with water on a hot afternoon, but for the most part, car wash and detailing is a necessary chore. Car Care offers mobile car wash services that are professional and affordable. [...]

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Surprise your partner with a mobile car wash

Whether your partner lives with you or has their own place, there are lots of moments that warrant grand gestures. Maybe you’re treating them for their birthday or making up for the time you forgot (their birthday). Could be they had a rough day and need some cheering up, or you’re bribing them and gearing [...]

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Choosing a custom car detail and car polish service

Today, there are so many car detailers out there who all seem to offer the same services, but they vary when it comes to pricing and the actual service they provide. There is a lot you need to be aware of before you book your car in with a car detailer. There IS a difference [...]

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